About Us

A Child-centric vision to bridge the social gap between 'reel' and 'real' life!

PVR Nest is a pioneering endeavor in the Indian entertainment industry which rehabilitates the Children at Risk in the vicinity of PVR complexes; while establishing cinema and art as a viable and productive medium of education and living amongst the urban children.

The PVR Group was the first cinema exhibition company to set up a sustained and focused social responsibility initiative by introducing PVR Nest (PVR Network for Enablement & Social Transformation) in 2006.  Initiated much ahead of the directives in the Indian Companies Act 2013, PVR Nest believes in educating, empowering and building a collaborative society to assist India’s developmental goals.

As reflected by our core area of work, corporate norms, values, motivational drivers and resource allocation, the prime stakeholders of all the programs of PVR Nest are children.