An absolute intervention to transform the lives of vulnerable children around PVR complexes.

Childscapes reaches out to Children at Risk who are visible in and around PVR complexes, malls, shopping arcades and traffic areas and sustain themselves economically through activities like begging, rag-picking, etc. Under this program, PVR Nest engages with the children at various 5 centers, based at PVR Complexes in Vasant Vihar, Saket, Naraina, Vikaspuri and Lajpat Nagar. Carefully planned educational, social and cultural activities are designed to engage and educate the children and equip them for the future.

Through Childscapes, we reach out to over 500 necessitous children, where more than 250 get mainstreamed into the formal schooling system and over 100 have been rehabilitated, annually.


After successful orientation through Childscapes, our children are integrated into the formal education system through the School Life programme. Inaugurated in 2008 by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, this initiative aims at the admission of students aged 5 to 14 years in primary and secondary schools.
The Tuition Plan, serves as an intermediary between Childscapes and School Life. For children who've never been to school, it bridges the learning process, adapting them to formal learning by attending Hindi-medium schools before joining public schools.
Presently more than 300 beneficiaries under these programs are being educated, formally. School life is operational at our Vasant Vihar and Saket centres through Green field paramount school and Little ones public school, respectively.
As a part of the Bridge Course, students admitted to government schools receive tuitions post school hours at our centres, thereby supporting their additional educational needs.

In our mission to support children with better healthcare, we have joined hands with many like minded and credible partners to provide sustained nutrional, preventive and curative health care programs and immunization services for all 500 beneficiaries and their families. This has visibly impacted the lives of around 4,000 community members. 
PVR Nest meets a weekly calorie requirement of 6600 kcal for all 500 beneficiaries by providing them with freshly cooked nutritious meals, twice daily, at all its 10 centers. 
Further, we have empowered our beneficiaries to become Health Guides who introduce effective healthcare practices in their communities. Extensive year long training programs on life skills have enabled them to take charge.
As part of the healthcare mission, we also launched our community health publication, "Meri Swasthya Yatra" on 7th April 2011 (World Health Day). This publication disseminates information on nutrition, personal hygiene, sanitation, sex education, HIV/AIDS awareness and substance abuse.


Adapt plan is a unique program designed for beneficiaries in and around the cinema complexes who are involved in begging & ragpicking and are exposed to various psychoactive substances like inhalants, cough syrups, narcotics and alcohol. Most of these children have run away from their homes and prefer cinema halls as attractive place to hang around. Adapt Plan is an on-ground project which provides guidance, both to chikdren and their parents to build strong emotional bonds between them- a much needed support for such sensitive issues. 
The drug abuse is curbed through intensive counseling, life skills training for both the trainers and beneficiaries and formation of self help groups. To ensure that the children stay off drugs forever, we provide required facilities for their proper schooling, and offer suitable employment oppurtunities to older children.
PVR Nest has successfully rehabilitated 20 children and employed 10 such children at PVR Cinemas in various departments.

The Road Ahead is an employment generation initiative that helps Childscapes students get jobs at PVR. 

Our long term education plan and training programs are designed to open unlimited prospects of skill based employment & entrepreneurship opportunities for individuals over the age of 18 years. Through diverse programs suited to each child's age and unique educational needs, we make makes continuous efforts to provide better livelihood opportunities.

PVR Nest has provided placements to 20 children, who are successfully working with brands like Westside, Alankar Cinema, Country Club, Mobile Store and also in PVR Cinemas.